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Singapore Desserts cafe

Non Entrée Desserts

Popular dessert cafe offering one of the most creative take on classic European desserts and pastries that you can find in Singapore. Expect a lineup of fun and... Read More...
Singapore Korean desserts

O’ma Spoon

O’ma spoon is Singapore's first contemporary Korean dessert café franchise, owned and operated by Korean with an original concept developed in Korea. They speci... Read More...
Singapore cafes


“Percolate (ˈpəːkəleɪt/): filtering a liquid through a porous substance to yield its essence”. The meaning and philosophy behind Percolate, other than being lit... Read More...
Singapore Indian restaurants

MTR 1924

The definitive Bengaluru eating experience since 1924. Today the MTR restaurant still stands in the same place it did 50 years ago. In 1999 the business was tak... Read More...
Singapore modern Japanese restaurants

Tanuki Raw

In Japanese lore, a tanuki is a mythical, mischievous, shape-shifting creature. Tanuki Raw delights in the raw pleasures of food and drink. A bar and restaurant... Read More...
Singapore hotel buffets


Evoking the nostalgia of a bygone era, Colony alludes to the seafarious voyage that the British took to travel to the East Indies for trade and commerce in the ... Read More...
Singapore Poke bowl

A Poke Theory

Keeping the respect for the Hawaiian cuisine, A Poke Theory take pride in serving only the freshest cut of fish, coupled with a mix of fresh and prepared ingred... Read More...
Singapore cafes bistros

The Lokal

In the day, The Lokal serves up healthy and hearty brunch like Smashed Avocado with Ricotta, Granola with fruit salad, and Lobster Rolls, but slowly transits in... Read More...
Singapore hotel buffets

The Carvery

Come by The Carvery with a hearty appetite in tow as the mouth-watering aroma and sizzle of signature premium roasts greet you at this specialty restaurant in S... Read More...