Kent Ridge

Singapore Ramen

Ramen Atelier

A French-Japanese ramen bar by Chef-Owner Andrew Ng (@xndrew76) serving contemporary Japanese ramen influenced by French culinary techniques and flavours. Origi... Read More...
Singapore Japanese Rice Bowls

Waa Cow

Chic casual diner serving up a selection of trendy Japanese-inspired rice bowls & poke bowls at wallet-friendly prices. Think modern techniques like sous-vi... Read More...
Singapore Coffee

Coffee Break

Traditional Kopi (coffee), Teh (tea) and Singaporean breakfast by third generation hawker siblings. Coffee Break serves an assortment of interesting flavoured s... Read More...
Singapore Thai Noodles

Yentafo Kruengsonge

Kruengsonge; which refers to a selection of the best ingredients in one big bowl, is what characterises this well-established noodle chain’s signature dish of ‘... Read More...
Singapore seafood restaurant

Diamond Kitchen

Diamond Kitchen is a Chinese seafood restaurant providing tasty live seafood, coupled with a mouthwatering array of Chinese cuisine – generally Cantonese, but w... Read More...