Rangoon Road

Japanese Izakaya


Retro-chic Japanese Izakaya tucked in a backstreet off Rangoon Road beside sister concept Sushi Jin. The casual yakitori and sake bar concept serves affordable ... Read More...
Singapore Cafe

Brunches Cafe

Brunches cafe is a vintage themed cafe serving all-day breakfast, specialty coffee, tea and other beverages. They also have genuine vintage items for sale in th... Read More...
Singapore Themed Cafe

Enchanted Cafe

A fairy-tale garden themed-cafe (think fairy lights, old books on wooden shelves, dried flower bouquet and mismatched furnitures) serving up a variety of pretty... Read More...
Singapore Vietnamese restaurant

Mrs Pho House

Xin moi, Mrs Pho House is the home of Vietnamese seafood and festive dining. Because there's more to Vietnamese food than Pho. KNOWN FOR - "Love You Long ... Read More...
Singapore cafe

Old Hen Kitchen

From Old Hen Coffee Bar, their new kitchen is just around the corner. KNOWN FOR - Chili Crab Fries ADDRESS 127 Owen Road Singapore 218931 PHONE ... Read More...
Singapore cafes

Old Hen Coffee Bar

Old Hen Coffee Bar is an intimate and humble space cafe serving specialty coffee by Nylon Coffee Roasters (Singapore) and Heart Roasters (Portland) and simple c... Read More...
Singapore Desserts cafe

Non Entrée Desserts

Modern take on classic European desserts, pastries and artisanal Gelato ice cream. Fine-dining quality desserts in a casual setting. KNOWN FOR Rubber Duck... Read More...