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  • From WensDelight on JB Ah Meng

    Sanlou or three storey beehoon. It was served as shown above like an omelette but once you start digging, there were lots of caixin and bits of cuttlefish and prawns hidden under the beehoon. All of us like these, something different and taste similiar to local char kway teow but not as sweet. Very yummy! … French Bean w/Crispy Lotus: his was my favourite dish. The french bean was stir fry w/lots of garlic and top w/crispy lotus. The lotus was sliced very thinly and deep fried till crisp. A nice combination w/french bean. Thumb up for this. Read full review. +

    2009/06/10 at 2:26 pm
  • From 4TheLoveOfFood on House

    Squid Ink (Squid Ink Crust) Pizza: The super thin and crispy crust is more like crackers than pizza crust. I love crackers and chips, so I love this thin crust pizza too. The squid ink made this pizza crust unique black but tasty. Read full review. +

    2009/11/10 at 12:08 pm
  • From TheFoodChapter on House

    Old American Sliders: Beef patty was done to such perfection, resembled a steak though it was patty without the crumbly texture. Well charred with smokey fragrance together with stinky bleu cheese and bacon, I’ve already found another reason to return … Good Ole Fish & Chips: Cod fish really brings fish & chips to a new level altogether, giving the taste more dimension as opposed to soft, flimsy dory fish. The firmness of the flesh was plain addictive. It could have been the amount of truffle fries and sweet potato fries accompanying most mains we ordered that triggered off a fear for truffle fries. In comparison, sweet potato fries are more pleasing on the palette. Read full review. +

    2009/11/15 at 12:05 pm
  • From GourmetEstorie on Keng Eng Kee Seafood

    The Salted Egg Yolk Crab is presumably the star of tonight’s dinner… The salted egg yolk gives a very good creamy texture that is left encrusted on the exterior of the crab, leaving anyone to start licking the pieces. I was fortunate enough to get a crab that was brimming with crab roe. Oh so very tasty and sinful… Each piece of crab is crisp and sweet though certain parts can get a little salty … I enjoyed the portion of Marmite Chicken served up. The poultry was deep fried in a thick batter to obtain that crunchy exterior and then stir fried in a savoury sweet sauce of Marmite and spices. A full bodied umami craze that will go very well with steamed white rice … Keng Eng Kee Seafood is without argue one of the better Cze Char stalls around. Read full review. +

    2009/11/23 at 5:14 pm
  • From MyFoodSirens on House

    Tossed in sesame seeds and sprinkled with salt and sugar, the Sweet Potato Nibblets are sweet and salty all at once. So good that I almost burnt my tongue in my haste to chow down these addictive chips! I’m never a fries person so for me to say that I went absolutely gaga over them says a lot … I love the Wild Truffled Mushroom! Very earthy and aromatic with lots of roasted mushroom and drizzles of truffle oil! I don’t even mind that the centre part of the pizza got soggy from the overload of ingredients on top after awhile since the outer crust was still so crispy. Read full review. +

    2010/01/01 at 11:57 am
  • From FoodPrintsSG on House

    Squid Ink Skinny Pizza: it was FANTASTIC. The crust tasted more like crackers and the squid ink sauce was just fabulous. The toppings were well balanced and most importantly it came warm! Splendid dish indeed … Mushroom Risotto: It was FANTA-BULOUS too! This had to be the best dish alongside the Squid Ink Skinny Pizza. Risotto was cooked to perfection and the flavours of the ingredients were totally infused into the grains. The woody taste of the mushrooms stands out and the creamy sauce was just right. Albeit a little costly, but a good dish nevertheless … the drinks were nothing to shout about. Read full review. +

    2010/02/17 at 11:51 am
  • From Umami on JB Ah Meng

    What every customer come here for is their signature dish of “Sam lau maifan“, literally translated as “three-storey rice noodles”, the origins which I am ignorant of. What matters is that this was absolutely delicious. I love my chow-maifan, and this ranks as one of the best I’ve eaten. The noodles were presented almost like an omelet, with loads of beautifully charred surfaces permeated with that intoxicating and desirable aroma of “wok-hei”. They use a particularly finely stranded noodle which absorbs flavours well but is prone to breakage on handling, so to obtain such results need considerable skills … Another interesting dish. Brinjal (eggplants) deep fried then cooked in a quasi-Sichuanese fish-fragrant style. The twist being that they have managed to make the brinjals taste like fish. Read full review. +

    2010/03/24 at 2:30 pm
  • From ChubbyHubby on Candlenut

    I really loved the ayam buak keluak, which may be the first version of the pungent and spicy dish that I’ve ever eaten that I can actually say has a level of subtlety which I really appreciated. Usually, this dish’s flavour are overpowering — overpoweringly bitter, spicy, (if done badly) salty… The chicken was also amazingly tender, something all of us appreciated. I think we’ve all had too many ayam buak keluaks with hard, overcooked chunks of chicken. The Candlenut Kitchen version was simply delicious … Desserts were good too, especially the “chendol cream” with gula melaka. It’s kind of hard to describe — sort of a panna cotta with the flavours of chendol — so just go have it for yourself. Read full review. +

    2010/04/05 at 1:56 am
  • From TheHungryBunnie on Keng Eng Kee Seafood

    The cze char here was really quite good and worth a repeat visit (but only on mid-week nights) … The restaurant’s signature dish, Mingzhu Roll, beancurd skin stuffed with ham, salted egg yolk, prawns and mushrooms would have been divine, if not for the millions of bits of coriander lacing the roll … The Salted Egg Crab was also quite yummy, decadent. This is slightly saltier than the versions offered at other establishments. They might have added some of the salted egg whites to the gravy. Somehow, I liked this, the saltiness of the gravy balanced out the sweetness of the crabmeat. Read full review. +

    2010/05/25 at 5:07 pm
  • From IEatIShootIPost on Putien

    Mini Shrimp with Seaweed is a bit of a misnomer considering the dish is mainly about the seaweed, with the shrimp playing no more than just an aesthetic role. Not that I have a problem with that because this dish was quite a revelation! Loose seaweed marinated in a sweet cold liquid, slightly reminiscent of inari tofu skin — a refreshing combination of mild sweetness and umami … A surprise stand-out dish was the Spinach with Salted Egg and Century Egg in Supreme Stock. This dish is by no means exclusively Hing Wa, and can be found in many a cze char establishment, but its common appearance belies something quite special. The rich gravy balances the unique flavor of the salted egg yolk with the heady complexity of century egg, and everything is held together with the smoky aroma of fried whole garlic cloves. It’s not a new flavor combination to my palate, but believe me when I say emphatically it is excellently executed. Read full review. +

    2010/10/12 at 1:02 am