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  • From IEatIShootIPost on Chin Mee Chin Confectionery

    Everything about this place is just so original. From the fact that they still heat their coffee over a charcoal fire, to the fact that they still bake their own buns and scones at the back … The buns may not look as glossy as the ones in the fancy new bakeries around town, but they sure taste good. The raisin buns with thick slices of butter had that quality about it that still gets me salivating just looking at it. The kopi here is excellent, full bodied, robust with little acidity and though I stopped drinking coffee because of my reflux problem, this is one kopi I make an exception for. Read full review. +

    2007/05/10 at 1:37 am
  • From SmallPotatoesMakeTheSteakLookBigger on House

    This is actually my second visit to Barracks and I have returned mostly for their sliders. The previous visit, I had a foie gras ravioli soup which turned out quite disappointing with a single wanton like ravoli that didn’t taste like it had any foie gras inside. But that’s not what this is really about; it’s the sliders that take centrestage for this visit. These tiny burgers are great. Small thick and hearty patties with your choice of toppings along with the sides of truffle oiled fries and sugared sweet potato nibbles. Read full review. +

    2008/06/08 at 12:16 pm
  • From WensDelight on The Pine Garden

    Their sponge cake is quite special, it’s moist, fine, buttery and soft. It’s almost melt in your mouth thus made me can’t stop at first bite. Among my selection, my favorite is the Bailey Choc Pearl, you can really taste the bailey and it goes so well with the choc pearl. Yummy. The blackforest is good too but the lychee martini is too sweet for my liking. Read full review. +

    2009/03/05 at 8:56 pm
  • From TheFoodChapter on Dona Manis Cake Shop

    The shopfront’s very much like your neighbourhood bakery, the palette tickling fragrance fills the walkway. You can literally smell your way around! … The banana pie‘s got almond nuts sprinkled on top the pastry, with coconut and banana baked inside. Pastry’s very flaky and crumbly, more of a crisp texture than the usual biscuit base I was half expecting. Not too oily infact. I’m surprised the unique combination of banana and coconut gave this pie an added flavour. Apple pie in comparison is more ordinary, too light in terms of taste. Similar pastry. Read full review. +-

    2009/04/15 at 5:00 pm
  • From AccidentalEpicurean on House

    All in all it was a good meal. It wasn’t great, but I imagine I’ll return some time in the future… most likely when entertaining out of town guests. Service was on top of their game enough throughout the meal so we were really able to relax and enjoy conversation and hanging out. We ordered desserts and coffees and took the brunch on into early afternoon – something that never happens in a stuffy environment. Read full review. +

    2009/05/06 at 12:11 pm
  • From IEatIShootIPost on JB Ah Meng

    Perhaps the most signature dish they have here is the fried Bee Hoon. This outstandingly austere dish is served with the veggies hidden at the bottom so that unsuspecting carnivores would not baulk at the greens. So all you are going to see is this flat bed of crispy black bee hoon… A fried Bee Hoon that I will highly recommend for anyone who likes it … The last dish which I would recommend is the Fried Eggplant. The Eggplant is first fried in a Tempura like batter and then stir fried in a yummy oyster sauce based gravy. Somehow I just like the contrast of the crispy batter to the smooth and creamy eggplant inside… Can’t really tell you what went into the sauce, but I was just picking away at the dish till it was all finished. Read full review. +

    2009/05/06 at 12:26 pm
  • From GourmetEstorie on Dona Manis Cake Shop

    It was those fragrances that once you smell it, you know you want it. It was a pleasant surprise that it was actually the baking of Fresh Banana Pies in the oven of Dona Manis Cake Shop. It was temptation without words and the fact that there were people buying boxes of the pies led me to tell myself that I must buy a slice. My first bite – a sudden tug at my heart. The delicate sweetness of the banana and the gritty coconut dusted crust contrasted each other. Read full review. +

    2009/05/10 at 5:28 pm