It’s not easy to make the plain (bordering bland and boring on their won) Chicken Breasts, but if you prepare them properly, they transform  as the star of your dish, making it a meal that you want to make over and over again. Check out these Chicken Breasts enhancing recipes:

1. Lemon Chicken

“I love lemon chicken, a star hawker/local poultry dish in Singapore and Malaysia. Put it simply, it is just a big piece of deep fried chicken meat served with lemon sauce. People from most age groups would love this dish because it had a slightly crispy outside and the meats were very tender inside. The slightly sweet and tangy sauce goes well with the richness of the flavoured  fried chicken. I was so shocked to find that this star dish is even easier to prepare then the Panda Chicken…” -Kenneth Goh

This recipe requires chicken, eggs, corn flour; for the sauce: lemon juice, sugar, plum sauce, corn flour/sweet potato flour/custard powder, tumeric powder, water and salt. Read full recipe of the Lemon Chicken here.

2. Chicken Cutlet with Black Pepper

“You see this commonly served in restaurant. It is a very easy and you can make it yourself at home. You can either use instant black pepper sauce or like me, make it yourself so you can adjust the the sauce to your liking.” -WokkingMum

This recipe requires chicken, potatoes; for the marinade: light soy sauce, sake or Chinese cooking wine, garlic powder or garlic; for the sauce: oyster sauce, light soy sauce, ground black pepper, sugar, cornflour, water. Read full recipe of the Chicken Cutlet with Black Pepper Sauce here.

3. Braised Chicken with Mushroom and Carrot

“If you are planning to go to a potluck or expecting a huge party. This will be perfect! I made about 2kg of meat to feed about 30-40 people. The good thing about braised dishes is that you can prepare the meal the day before. So no need to stress yourself in the morning!” -RiceAndBread

This recipe requires for the marinade: chicken, sesame oil, light soy sauce, Chinese cooking wine or sherry, pepper; for the dish: sesame oil, olive oil, ginger, garlic, spring onions, Chinese cooking wine or sherry, five spice, dark soy sauce, oyster sauve, brown sugar, dried shiitake mushroom, carrot, chicken stock, corn starch and red chilli. Read full recipe of the Braised Chicken with Mushroom and Carrot here.

4. Ginger and Scallions Chicken

“If I do not want to think of what to cook, I know I can fall back on timeless everyday classics (家常菜) like this dish – it is easy, cheap and delicious. This type of food is what I truly call the taste of home – almost every Chinese family have their family recipe for this dish. I particularly like to drizzle the savoury gravy over my rice … good to the last drop!” -NoobCook

This recipe requires cooking oil, ginger, garlic, chilli padi, scallions, chicken, straw mushrooms; for the sauce: light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil, water, white pepper powder. Read full recipe of the Ginger and Scallions Chicken here.

5. Sesame Oil Chicken

“Recently, I am in love with sesame oil chicken (麻油鸡), a really homey and humble chicken dish that is both delicious and easy to make. It takes only a few ingredients to dish out sesame oil chicken, but the great taste complements steamed white rice so well that I can personally finish up a serving of this all by myself!” -Bee

This recipe requires chicken, ginger, soy sauce, oyster sauce, Shaoxing wine or Chinese rice wine, sesame oil, water, white pepper poweder. Read full recipe of the Sesame Oil Chicken here.

6. Garlic Chicken

“Crispy garlic with savoury and slightly sweet chicken pieces served over steamd rice, this recipe is going on my ‘to make again and again’ list. Making it was such a breeze too! Done in under 30 minutes…” -Sharon Lam

This recipe requires chicken, garlic, oyster sauce, fish sauce, maggi seasoning sauce, kicap manic, brown sugar, coriander stems, black pepper, peanut oil, water and coriander as garnish. Read full recipe of the Garlic Chicken here.

7. Baked Chicken Cutlet

“It is so, so easy to prepare and it’s way healthier than the ones sold outside… because these chicken cutlets are baked, not deep-fried! Though of course it will not taste like those deep-fried ones, but they are still good.” -Jasline

This recipe requires chicken, all-purpose flour, egg whites, bread crumbs or panko, salt, pepper, unsalted butter. Read full recipe of the Baked Chicken Cutlet here.


We hope you enjoy this list of chicken recipes and had fun trying them out!

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