Have you heard of the ‘Beer Mile’ where you chug some beer for every lap you finished? The Teh Tarik Run is exactly the same except it’s non-alcoholic and healthier. Taking place on 9 April 2017 at the Seafood Centre in East Coast Park, this inaugural event is an ode to the Singapore culture and celebration of fun and irreverence as well as clever way to get us off our butt before the sun rises.

The distance of the Teh Tarik Run will be 4km – so you’re looking at 4 servings of frothy teh tarik for every kilometre you completed. Keeping true to the theme of the run, no other drinks, no even water, will be served during the event, and the official milk tea will be served in tik-gongs (Hokkien Diealect for ‘milk cans’, traditionally used to ‘dabao‘ or take away hot beverages). Teh-brewing will commence at 6:30am and the first flag-off will be at 7:30am.

The prize for finishing the race is a Finisher Tik-Gong and an after-event Prata Party (!). Please take note that only the top 20 fastest runner will get mutton and chicken curry to go with their roti prata, while the rest just gets the regular curry gravy. Good enough motivation to chiong for the finish line in my opinion – gotta replenish all the calories lost in the 4km run you know. To find out more, visit their website here.

May Teh Froth Be With You.

Teh Tarik Run 2017 will be happening at Blk 1202 #01-01 Seafood Centre East Coast Park, East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449881 on 9 April 2017, 7am. See their Facebook page here.

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