Aburiya at Boat Quay: Japanese BBQ restaurant specializing in premium Japanese-bred Tokachi beef as well as Kuroge Wagyu beef (Japanese black cattle) ranked A4 or higher, famed for its quality and exquisite marbling. Expect to see a comprehensive range of Wagyu beef cuts on Aburiya’s menu as they adopt a zero-waste, “nose to tail” philosophy where all cuts of the Wagyu beef, directly sourced from artisanal Wagyu farmers across Japan, is completely utilized, from tender and juicy Sirloin ($19), and the rare oyster blade Tokusen Wagyu Misuji ($28), to the intense beefy Naka Karubi ($26) – all grilled using Aburiya’s specially imported ‘bincho’ (Japanese white charcoal). ‘Aburi’ means “roasted” in Japanese.

For pure raw Wagyu experience, try Aburiya Yukke ($18), consisting of Wagyu brisket tartar with Aburiya’s signature sauce, or the Wagyu Negishio Yukke ($18), which is chopped seasoned lean beef topped with spring onion, excellent with Donabe Gohan ($12 for 2 pax), which sees freshly cooked rice in an earthen pot. For a variety, try the Kiriotoshi Tokumori (starting at $24 for 150g) family platter comprising of cut-off ends of Wagyu and Tokachi beef, or go for the Tokusen Wagyu Mori ($50), consisting of four types of premium Kuroge Wagyu based on the best cuts featured on the day.

Non-beef eaters, consider selections such as Buta Karubi (US pork belly, $11), Tontoro (Iberican pork cheek, $11), Tori (chicken thigh, $8), and Eringi (king oyster mushroom, $5.90), which are all found in the Tokusen Kazoku Mori family set ($80) as well. Aburiya’s menu also extends to a large variety of a la carte items, salad, soup, rice and noodle dishes, such as Assorted Kimchi/Namuru ($10), Jyaga Butter Cheese ($7), hot stone rice bowl Bibinba ($12), and Gyukotsu Paitan Ramen ($11.90), made with beef bone and ox tail white soup.

Aburiya at Boat Quay is the second outlet of Aburiya, and part of the duo dining concept together with river-adjacent The Container Japanese Wagyu Tapas & Bar, where you can look forward to infusions like Wagyu Whiskey ($14) along side Japanese-inspired cocktails and sake.

– ‘Smokin’ Wagyu Carpaccio
@ 78/79 Boat Quay, Singapore 049886
+65 65320365 (Boat Quay)
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Boat Quay:
 Mon to Fri: 06:00pm – 11:00pm
 Sat & PH eve: 06:00pm – 12:00am
 Sun: 06:00pm – 11:00pm
*as of November 2017


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