Dessert cafe specializing in a variety of hot and cold traditional local Chinese desserts along with cold fruit sago and trendy kakigori shaved ice.

Check out Babao Dessert’s impressive-looking and possibly After You dessert cafe-inspired Durian Kakigori, which sees durian-heavy puree buried under a mount of finely-shaved flavoured snow ice topped with soft, fluffy cream and fried salted mung beans (those kind that we see on Thai mango sticky rice). Other flavours of kakigori are Mango, Cocoa, Black Sesame and even Matcha. The latter comprises of matcha latte snow ice with sweetened red beans and mochi balls with non-dairy cream and peanut powder. There’s an option to add on a scoop of ice cream to make the kakigori even richer.

If you like durian, you’ll be glad to see that the rich durian puree is used in the sago series of desserts too – a series that also include mango, yam and soursoup.

Traditional desserts-wise, the customizable toppings from the selection of hot desserts of Walnut Paste, Black Sesame Paste and Almond Paste are rice balls (peanut, black sesame or red bean), mochi balls, ginkgo nuts, and lotus seeds; while the range of hot and cold-serve desserts features sago and ice-cream add-ons to the likes of Black Glutinous Rice with coconut cream as well as comforting Red Bean with Lotus Soup. For something lighter, go for the Osmanthus Jelly or Snow Fungus Longan with Red Dates, complete with homemade drinks like Dried Longan, Sour Plum and Soursop.

– Kakigori
54 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058685
Nearest station: Clarke Quay
Mon to Thu: 12:00pm – 11:45pm
Fri & Sat: 12:00pm – 03:00am
Sun: 12:00pm – 11:45pm
*as of September 2017

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