The quintessential bowl of Lor Mee is assembled with a combination of ingredients ranging from the sliced series of braised pork, fish cake, mushrooms, and protein like fried snapper fish flakes, shredded chicken or duck meat, to the crowd-pleasing deep-fried selections of Hgoh Hiang or Wu Xiang (that sometimes appear as either variations of meat balls or prawn rolls), wanton or wanton skin, fish fritters or batter fritters and also fish skin, with braised egg, bean sprouts, chopped spring onions and Chinese parsley.

However, the bevy of toppings would be naught without the thick, dark, sticky braised gravy otherwise known as “Lor”. Made from a concoction of corn starch, eggs, spices and/or herbs, enhanced with the introduction of the potent quartet that is the sambal chilli, cut chilli (padi), black rice vinegar and minced/diced/grated garlic, the defining Lor makes or breaks an excellent bowl of flavour-packed Lor Mee, while distinguishing itself from one that is plain, weak and runny (or one that’s overly starchy, gooey and lumpy). But that isn’t the end as the flavour profile of the Lor ranges from strong and robust, to the smooth and delicate, between savoury and sweet, interjected with elements of herbs and spices

Lor Mee is traditionally served with springy yellow noodles which are either flat or round, rice-based noodles like the thin bee hoon and broad kway teow are popular pairing options. Do not confused it with a varied style of lighter colour Loh Mee from Malaysia.

Check out these 15 popular Lor Mee hawkers in no particular order, what they are known for and the latest photos taken there:


Lor Mee 178, Tiong Bahru
Known for deep-fried shark fish nuggets served with braised pork, and crispy batter in a balanced flavoured Lor.


Feng Zhen Lor Mee, Taman Jurong & Yew Tee
Known for generous amount of ingredients and toppings like fried Ngoh Hiang meatballs, prawn rolls, roasted pork belly and fish meat.


Chia Bee Lor Mee, North Bridge Road
Known for their past-midnight opening hours, central Singapore affordability and deep-fried shark fish nuggets.


Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee, Old Airport Road
Known for their delicate flavourful Lor with a generous amount of fried snapper fish flakes.


Known for their special addition of deep-friend shredded yam that gives the dish a texture boost.


Known for their smooth Lor with a spicy sambal belachan chilli kick, served with ingredients like braised herbal pork, and fried fish skin to name a few.


Known for their strong five-spice flavoured Lor and deep-fried fish nuggets.


Soon Heng Lor Mee, Tiong Bahru
Known for their affordability, quality Lor and deep-fried fish nuggets.


Soon Lee Lor Mee, Circuit Road
Known for their home-made deep-fried shredded yam cakes Ngoh Hiang and sweet-savoury Lor.


Known for their deep-fried shark fish nuggets and generous amount of ingredients.


Known for their thick and robust Lor, served with shredded duck meat.


Hai Tang Lor Mee, Queenstown
Known for their balanced Lor with a sweet-savoury profile and large variety of ingredients including you tiao and mushrooms.


Tiong Bahru Lor Mee, Old Airport Road
Known for their thick, spicy, savoury Lor and deep-fried fish nuggets.


Known for their quality Lor that’s similar to Xin Mei Xiang, with hint of five-spice and herbs.


Known for their consistently quality Lor and affordability.


Which one is your favourite? Did we miss out any? Please share them with us in the comments below!

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