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Casual dining concept plating up fried chicken with a twist and reinvented Southern American classic comfort food in a laidback atmosphere. The second and current iteration of the chicken-centric Bird Bird concept by Chef Bjorn Shen (@bjornshen), spots a different vibe and flavour spectrum but still bears all the hallmarks of his bold and eccentric brand of “dudestronomy” and well as signature creations from sister (or brother) concepts, complete with a delightful dessert program comprising of a the synonymous ‘Neh Neh Pop’ popsicle, range of seasonal ‘Softie’ soft-serve as well as over-the-top gourmet ‘Ugnuts’ donuts created by Pastry Chef Fiona Ting.

Consider the lineup of Signature Fried Chicken ($25/half, $49/whole) with flavours including Bangkok Fried Chicken that reminiscent of the punchy Southeast Asian flavours of the previous Bird Bird, the Lebanese Fried Chicken influenced by sister restaurant Artichoke, or the headlining buttermilk Southern Fried Chicken marinated in old bay seasoning served with house gravy, best paired with freshly made cornbread waffles ($3/piece) and a side of smoked maple syrup. There’s also Charcoal Roasted Chicken in herb butter and confit garlic cloves if you prefer non-fried chicken.

The remaining of Bird Bird’s compact menu is made up of a variety of sharing plates like Brown Sugar Bacon Chop ($10) or the unique Milk Braised Pork ($16), which sees pork shoulder braised in savoury-buttery milk sauce, serve with sage sprinkles and Bird Bird’s specialty Ugnuts that’s glazed in honey mustard. Don’t miss the crowd-favourite Sticky House-made Curly Fries ($11), consisting of thin crispy potato stripes doused in maple soy syrup, spicy sriracha and Kewpie-brand mayonnaise. For a more substantial sharing item, check out the Loco Moco ($17) or Bird Bird’s series of Mac & Cheese, like the 3-Cheese ($10) that’s topped with garlic crumbs and sage, or the Crawfish ($12), served with chunky smoked bacon and dill – it’s one of the better Mac & Cheese you can get out there.

– Lebanese Fried Chicken
– Durian Softie Pie
97 Frankel Avenue
Singapore 458222
+65 66948270
Tue to Sun: 11:00am – 11:00pm
Mon: Closed
*as of September 2017

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