Korean seafood concept which sees stack-able steamers filled with fresh seafood forming an impressive tower over a soup base. The idea of Captain K’s seafood tower is to allow the juice from the steamed seafood to drip down to the lower tiers and finally to the soup base found at the bottom tier of every tower, enhancing the flavours while retaining the steamed seafood’s distinctive sweetness in the “sauna” process.

Starting at the smallest option of 3-tiers Seafood Tower ($68.90) consisting of five variety of pre-selected seafood, all the way to the staggering 9-tiers ($328.90) made up of dedicated layer of seafood that includes marinated scallops, large prawns, crawfish, glutinous rice stuffed-squid, and even crabs. Accompanying each tower is six types of condiments, namely the tangy yuzu doenjang dip, Thai green chilli sauce, Korean soy sauce, spicy Korean bean paste, sambal belachan, with a recommended pairing for each seafood.

The default soup base at the bottom of every seafood tower is kombu dashi, with two optional upgrades: Korean Kimchi (+$10) or Korean Ginseng Chicken (+$18), while the selection of add-ons ($2 to $8) include ramen, mushrooms, vegetables and sausages. Every seafood tower set also comes with five banchan dishes and free flow of barley tea.

Captain K’s outlet at Middle Road also serve four flavours of Special Captain K Army Stews ($28.80) during lunch time, along with a spread of Korean skewers and soju cocktails from sister establishment K-Ju.

– Seafood Tower
@ 30 Prinsep Street, #01-02 ERC Institute, Singapore 188647
@ 112 Middle Road, #01-00 Midland House, Singapore 188970
+65 62552270 (Prinsep St)
+65 62555744 (Middle Road)
Mon: 05:30pm – 10:30pm
Tue to Thu: 11:30am – 03:00pm, 05:30pm – 10:30pm
Fri & Sat: 11:30am – 03:00pm, 05:00pm – 11:00pm
Sun: 11:30am – 03:00pm, 05:30pm – 10:30pm
*as of September 2017

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