Singapore Korean Barbecue

Ju Shin Jung

Popular Korean (charcoal) barbecue restaurant in Singapore offering an extensive range of traditional Korean cuisine such as Samgetang (ginseng chicken soup), D... Read More...
Singapore Japanese Restaurant

Niku Katsumata

A 20-seater Japanese grilled meat (Yakiniku) restaurant originating from Ebisu, Tokyo, offering unadulterated flavours of lean Japanese beef by cooking over cry... Read More...
Singapore Steamboat BBQ


Hawker stall offering a variety of hotpot and an assortment of skewered food also known as Lok Lok - a style of steamboat popularized in Malaysia. JQ Pot is mai... Read More...
Singapore Steamboat Buffet

Hook On Steamboat

A casual-dining steamboat buffet joint offering Mookata, Shabu-Shabu and notably their signature Cheesy Nacho BBQ Hotplate. Besides the popular grill and cheese... Read More...
Singapore Korean BBQ

Yoogane Singapore

Established in 1981, Yoogane is one of the most popular Chicken Galbi restaurants in Korea. Especially popular with the younger generation in Korea, their follo... Read More...