Singapore Bistros

The Workbench Bistro

The workbench bistro was born out of a vision to create honest, practical and delicious food and drinks. from a small ice cream cafe located in the heartland of... Read More...
Singapore Ice Cream Cafe

FATCAT Ice Cream Bar

FAT CAT - Made from Scratch. Extracting flavours from natural ingredients using modern techniques. Be surprised by how far natural flavours go! KNOWN FOR ... Read More...
Singapore Muslim Cafes


ButterScotch is a marriage of many passions, an insatiable sweet tooth and the love for coffee. Their obsession over desserts accompanied by great coffee factor... Read More...
Singapore casual restaurants

The Refinery

Part casual dining restaurant, part mixology bar and part designer workspace, The Refinery brings a pool of talented individuals from the fields of culinary, mi... Read More...
Singapore waffles

Hvala Waffle Bar

The creations at Hvala are made by hand, from the mixing and rolling of the dango to the whisking of the matcha tea, to ensure that every single dish they serve... Read More...