Hip, modern Japanese yakitori joint & cocktail bar set in a 3-storey neon-lit interior of a Bukit Pasoh conservation shophouse. CHIKIN serves up a series of skewers that combines the art of Japanese yakitori with Szechuan street style barbecue, also known as shao kao (燒烤), by marinating them in Szechuan peppercorn sauce, instead of Japanese tare sauce, before grilling them over Binchotan charcoal fire. Starting at $3, the variety of yakitori and kushiyaki includes the usual chicken thigh ($3), Iberico pork collar with leek ($6), beef tongue ($6) and shishito pepper ($3.50), as well as the exotic windpipe ($4), neck skin ($4), and neck bone ($3.50).

There’s also a selection of izakaya-style small plates, like the Chilled Japanese Sea Snails in Szechuan Spice ($16) and , Crispy Baby Squid in Spicy Yuzu ($12) and the more substantial Unagi Garlic Fried Rice with Fish Roe ($16). Beer on tap starts at $10, but consider pairing the bold cuisine with CHIKIN’s infused cocktails created by award winning bartender Sam Wong, marrying Japanese ingredients such as Shiso leaves and Kyoho grapes with an assortment of spirits. Take for instance, the Roast & Rooster ($19), a “wanton abandon” consisting of sake, genmaicha, passionfruit, egg white, basil & lime, or the tropical, fruity concoction of sake and gin that is the Dozo Mango ($19). For spice-gobblers, take up CHIKIN’s challenge in the Szechuan Bloody Mary ($19), a spice challenge in the form of an vodka-based cocktail with Szechuan peppercorn, tomato, chilli oil and lemon, that come with 5 spice levels, going from ‘novice’ to ‘WTF’.

6 Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089820
Nearest station: Outram Park
+65 62213670
Mon to Sat: 05:00pm – 01:00am
Sunday: Closed
*as of August2017

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