Check out these five best hawker stalls in the east of Singapore according to the recommendations of Food King and NOC host Aiken Chia (@aikenchia) in no particular order, and where you can find them! (Scroll all the way down to watch video!)


Popular wanton noodle stall known for its potent, fiery red chilli sauce. Dunman Road’s Char Siew Wanton Mee features handmade wanton, slices of char siew (BBQ pork), chunky pieces of deep-fried pork lard and a homemade egg noodles that’s slightly thicker than the usual mee kia we see in regular wanton noodles, great for soaking up the blend of sesame oil and soy sauce that it comes in. Adding the sharp, spicy chilli sauce is almost mandatory as it works wonder for this dish. 3 out of 3 Xi Guay Ong stars.
Dunman Charsiew Wanton Mee is located at 271 Onan Road, #02-19 Dunman Food Centre, Singapore 424768. Open 12pm – 8:30pm (Tue to Sun); closed on Mon & Thu.


Bedok North 85 Fried Oyster, Bedok
This prominent hawker stall with adjoining units offer the local delight fried oyster omelette ($4) that’s made from a mixture consisting of egg and a high ratio of tapioca starch. The egg batter is quickly pan-fried to a crisp with oysters and pork lard, before garnishing with coriander leaves and served with a sharp and tangy chilli sauce. Unfortunately, this dish isn’t meant for everyone as cooked oysters (as well as the starchy fried eggs) has a sort of acquired taste, hence this stall did not receive any Xi Guay Ong stars. Here’s what they think:

Bedok North 85 Fried Oyster is located at 85 Bedok North Street 4, #01-09/10 85 Fengshan Centre, Singapore 460089. Open 11am – 11pm (Mon to Sun).


The smooth porridge with an optimally thick consistency featured at Chai Chee is a result of long hours of cooking and simmering, giving it a well-rounded flavour without going overboard with the salt. The crowd-favourite Meat Ball & Pork Porridge ($3.50) comes with generous amount of sliced lean pork and chunks of sesame oil-seasoned minced pork, topped with pieces deep-fried ‘you tiao’ (deep-fried Chinese dough stick) and chopped spring onions. Watch the video below for egg p0rn. 2 out of 3 Xi Guay Ong stars.

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Chai Chee Pork Porridge is located at Blk 85 Bedok North St 4, #01-23/64 Fengshan Market & Food Centre, Singapore 460089. #01-64 open 5:30am – 3:30pm (Mon to Sun) & #01-23 open 5pm – 4am (Mon to Sun).


Celebrated noodle stall selling what is arguably one of the most famous bowl of Lor Mee in Singapore. The smooth, savoury braised gravy featured in Xin Mei Xiang’s Lor Mee (starting at $4) is thickened with eggs and a mixture of spices, before being topped with braised pork, braised egg, and generous amount of signature fried snapper fish flakes that they are especially known for. Addition of black vinegar, minced garlic, sambal chilli and cut chilli is almost mandatory as each plays an integral role in the flavour profile of Xin Mei Xiang’s Lor Mee. 3 out of 3 Xi Guay Ong stars.
Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee is located at 51 Old Airport Road, #01-116 Old Airport Road Food Centre, Singapore 390051. Open 6am – 6pm (Mon to Sun); closed on Thu.


328 Katong Laksa, Katong & 4 other locations
The highlight of 328’s Katong laksa is the aromatic, spicy and creamy gravy that’s made from a secret family recipe with ingredients such as coconut milk, dried shrimps, chilli and herbs. Served with bite-sized friendly cut thick bee hoon (rice vermicelli noodle), thinly-sliced fishcake, small prawns, beansprouts, and optional fresh cockles – you just need a spoon to consume the distinctive Katong-style laksa. Available in two sizes ($5.50 for small, $7.50 for large), this is best paired with 328’s signature Otah-otah (grilled spicy fish cake wrapped in banana leaves) and a dollop of spicy sambal chilli. 2.5 out of 3 Xi Guay Ong stars.
328 Katong Laksa is located at 51 East Coast Road or 216 East Coast, or 5 other locations, p. +65 9732 8163. Open 10am – 10pm (Mon to Fri); 9am – 10pm (Sat & Sun).



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