An intimate, concept-driven 10-seater pocket bar by The Proof Collective, the team behind Crackerjack and 28 Hong Kong Street. Similar to the ever-changing line-up of exhibitions in an art gallery, Junior will present an original concept every six months, where every change in concept will be accompanied by changes in the space, decor and music. The first and current focus, titled “Norma”, celebrates the craft and tradition of agave spirits, featuring over 100 curated bottles of fine mezcal, tequila, and lesser known spirits of Mexico, until January 2018.

The Norma menu consists of four main sections: tequila, mezcal, tasting flights, and specialty cocktails. To get your bearings, start with the tasting flights consisting of three 30ml portions ($45 to $65), each paired with complementing snacks like slices of orange with sel de gusano (spicy worm salt) or even chilli bak kwa with parmesan. After you’ve familiarized yourself through the tasting flights, progress to the house special Raicilla When I See Ya ($22), an agave-forward mix of smoky La Venenosa Raicilla Costa de Jalisco (a lesser-known cousin of mescal), sour passionfruit shrub, sweet fino sherry and fresh mint, served in an eye-catching calavera Mexicana-esque black ceramic skull.

For something more accessible, consider Junior’s take on the classic Bloody Mary in The Vampiro ( starting from $14), concocted with your choice of base spirit, carrot and beetroot sangria, citrus juice, ginger and firewater (made from habanero peppers), or the Whiskey Sour-inspired Mezkale Sour ($21) which also features firewater with kale, pineapple, and citrus juice. Food-wise, there’s freshly made guacamole with chips, as well as street style tacos of the day ($7 for one, $20 for three).

The “hidden” Junior is accessible via a direct entrance in the alley behind Crackerjack. Alternatively, you can check in with the friendly host at Crackerjack who will lead you through a private entrance in the laneway.

43 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088464
Nearest station: Tanjong Pagar
+65 81211462
Wed to Sun: 07:00pm – 12:00am
Mon & Tue: Closed
*as of September 2017

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