Famous Teochew-style ngoh hiang stall offering an assortment of freshly made ngoh hiang (also known as wu xiang or 五香 in Chinese), hae chor (prawn roll) and prawn fritters among the large selection of deep-fried and braised snacks for less than $1 each. Ordering at Lao Zhong Zhong is simple: use the available tongs at the food display to pick up the combinations that you want on your plate, pass it to the staff and it will be processed and served with a dipping chilli sauce.

Lao Zhong Zhong’s handmade Ngoh Hiang meat rolls are densely-packed with a mixture of fatty ground pork, Teochew-style mashed yam and five spices snugly wrapped in dried beancurd skin before being deep-fried; while its counterpart Hae Cho prawn roll is stuffed full of minced prawn and minced pork filled with bits of sweet, crunchy water chestnuts. Equally as good are the fragrant Chinese pork sausages also known as “wu xiang guan chang” (五香灌肠), the tender braised cuttlefish, and not forgetting the crowd-favourite light, airy, crispy prawn fritters (酥虾饼) that’s excellent for soaking up Lao Zhong Zhong’s special blend of aromatic, piquant and spicy chilli dipping sauce that’s made of chillies, sweet plum sauce, sesame oil and black vinegar, topped with crushed peanuts and chopped raw onion.

You will also spot a variety of items such as the deep-fried spring roll that’s filled with shredded turnip, pan-fried radish cake, deep-fried tau kwa (bean curd), fish balls, and century eggs with sweet pickled ginger slices. Please take note that some of the items might not be available at the display, in which case, you will have to ask for them specifically.

– Ngoh Hiang
29 Tai Thong Crescent, Lao Zhong Zhong Eating House
Singapore 347858
Nearest station: Potong Pasir
+65 9693210
Tue to Sun: 11:00am – 11:00pm
Mon: Closed
*as of September 2017

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