Singapore Cakes

Le Castella Singapore

Originally from Taiwan, Le "楽" Castella is known for their huge, jiggly Japanese-style castella cakes. The freshly baked cakes are simply made of flour of flour... Read More...
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Ayam Penyet President

Halal-certified casual dining chain restaurants serving authentic Indonesian cuisine such as their signature Ayam Penyet and Ayam Bakar. KNOWN FOR - Ayam ... Read More...
Singapore Thai cafes

Tuk Tuk Cha

Thailand-meets-Singapore, Tuk Tuk Cha is a Thai café selling a range of affordable freshly brewed Thai tea and coffee as well as a variety of desserts and light... Read More...
Singapore Korean fried chicken

Chicken Up

Chicken Up offers a variety of 12-hours marinated and double-fried fried chicken such as best- selling Yangnyum - a sweet and tangy flavour and Ganjang- a garli... Read More...
Singapore Korean BBQ

Yoogane Singapore

Established in 1981, Yoogane is one of the most popular Chicken Galbi restaurants in Korea. Especially popular with the younger generation in Korea, their follo... Read More...
Singapore dessert cafe

Meet & Melt

A family-owned cafe located in the heartland of Tampines. Their homemade Ice Creams, Waffles & Toasts are pleasant for the very young to the very old. A hea... Read More...
Singapore Japanese Pastries


An immensely popular Japanese pastry shop from the Yamanashi prefecture, known for their Japanese cakes, sweets and a variety of pastries, with over 460 stores ... Read More...