A popular no-frills Chinese casual diner serving a comprehensive range of authentic North-eastern Chinese and Sichuan cuisine in a buzzing environment.

The food: From the massive menu that covers over 150 items, made up of mostly sharing dishes, including 30 cold and warm appetizers, 30 types of barbecued skewers, 40 assortment of vegetables, 70 meat and seafood, as well as more than 10 rice and noodles dishes. Expect the classic range of dishes that features a robust blend of Chinese spices, seen in Pan-Fried Pork (锅包肉, $12), the mouth-numbing Chong Qing-style Sauteed Dried Chicken with Chilli & Pepper (辣子鸡, $12), the spicy Steamed Fish Head with Dried Hot Chilli (剁椒鱼头, $16), and the crowd-favourite Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken (大盘鸡, $13), along with some dishes that you don’t see very often, such as Tossed Mung Clear Noodles in Sauce with Shredded Meat (东北肉丝大拉皮, $6), Streaky Pork with Garlic (蒜蓉白肉, $5), and Xinjiang-style Fried Mutton (孜然羊肉, $12).

Don’t miss Oriental’s specialty barbecued meat skewers that goes for $1 to $2 for cuts like pork belly, garlic mutton, duck kidney, and even chicken head as well as a whole coturnix quail, seasoned in a strong mix of Chinese spices, no less – ideal with a bottle of Yanjing or Harbin bottled beer. If you prefer something more conventional, stick with chicken and vegetables skewers, together with familiar dishes such as Golden Fried Pumpkin with Salted Egg (咸蛋金瓜, $10), Dry Fried French Beans (干煸四季豆, $6), Fried Egg with Tomato (番茄炒蛋, $6) and Hong Kong-style Fried Noodles (香港炒面, $5).

Ambience: Typical Chinese eating house setting with air-conditioning and a basic level of service. There are some roadside seating along the high-traffic sidewalk outside the eatery, but it’s not air-conditioned, but it makes for an atmospheric experience.

What people like: The wallet-friendly prices coupled with the variety dished out in hearty portions makes Oriental especially popular among both local, Chinese expats and Asian tourists.

TL;DR (长话短说): Authentic and spicy North-eastern Chinese food in a boisterous, no-frills environment.

– Barbecued skewers
195 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059425
Nearest station: Chinatown
+65 62277769
Mon to Sun: 11:00am – 07:00am
*as of September 2017

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