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Popular Korean charcoal BBQ franchise specializing in the unique Korean galmaegisal, also known as “pork skirt meat”, a rare cut found between the ribs and belly of a pig served only to the monarchs and royal families during ancient times.

Seorae’s signature Galmaegisal ($21.90), marinated for two days in Korean spices is a combination of tenderness and juiciness with minimal amount of fat, comes in either original, spicy or garlic soy sauce. Try the King Galmaegisal 3-in-1 ($29.90) if you want to try all it in all three different flavours. Other noteworthy cuts of meats include Hangjeongsal (US pork jowl $21.90), Samgyeobsal (pork belly, $18.90), La Galbi (US prime beef short-ribs, $38.90), Woosamgyeob (US beef shortplate, $24.90), and Spicy Dakgalbi (chicken thigh, $15.90). Coupled with the ‘circle’ grill used for cooking steamed egg, frying kimchi and melting cheese (+$2) used for dipping grilled meats to complete the Seorae BBQ experience.

Seorae also serves an extensive range of non-BBQ dishes that includes the Korean seafood pancake Haemul Pajeon ($18.90), cold noodles Bibim Naengmyeon ($12.90), hearty Sundubu Jjigae ($14.90), homely lunch box Dosirak ($12.90), traditional Japchae ($14.90) as well as desserts and alcoholic beverages like Seorae’s rich cheesy Apgujeong Bingsoo ($14.90), fruity Bibim Patbingsoo ($12.90), and the refreshing Pineapple Cocktail Soju ($22.90) that comes in an entire pineapple, similar to its watermelon Subak Soju counterpart.

Other than grilling your meat, check out the 2-in-1 Jjigae ($45.90) where you can cooked your meat in a stew, Jjigae-style. This ‘DIY’ Korean hotpot is good for two, comprising of two separate broth base filled with zucchini, onion, beancurd, glass noodle, spring onion, mushrooms and 150 grams of pork collar or beef belly. The choice of broths are namely kimchi, spicy gochuhang, non-spicy bulgogi as well as spicy and non-spicy daenjang bean paste.

– Galmaegisal
@ 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #B1-10 JEM, Singapore 608549
@ 68 Orchard Road, #02-01 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
+65 91998729 (JEM)
+65 91812709 (Plaza Singapura)

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