Singapore Japanese Cafe

Nana’s Green Tea

Japanese cafe selling a large variety of Japanese green tea drinks along with main courses such as donburi, udon, curry rice and sushi rolls. They also sell des... Read More...
Singapore Matcha Desserts

The Matcha Project

Matcha dessert bar specializing in Japanese Matcha, Houjicha and Genmaicha beverages and desserts. Also known as The Matcha Project X Copper Expresso because th... Read More...
Singapore Green Tea


Japanese green tea (Matcha) drinks and desserts. For more than 150 years dating back to 1860, Tsujiri's philosophy of offering the highest quality green tea rem... Read More...
Singapore Matchaya


Matchaya is a modern Japanese Tea Shop that serves freshly brewed Japanese milk tea and authentic Japanese soft creams and sweets. They are passionate about ser... Read More...
Singapore waffles

Hvala Waffle Bar

The creations at Hvala are made by hand, from the mixing and rolling of the dango to the whisking of the matcha tea, to ensure that every single dish they serve... Read More...